Santander Case Study

Hays choose TalentTracker to deliver outsourced recruitment solution for Santander

Business Context

Hays Resource Management is an operating division of Hays plc. and a leading provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions for some of the world's leading companies. Hays solutions deliver many benefits for their clients including reduced costs, time to hire, and risk (e.g. associated with legislative compliance).

When Hays were approached by Santander to provide a managed solution to handle the bulk of their UK recruitment, Hays in turn looked to Logical Innovations to provide a software solution that would allow them to manage the expected high volume of applications, and to effectively screen and select the best candidates for Santander. Hays had used Logical Innovations' TalentTracker system to successfully deliver a number of previous outsourced recruitment projects and required a similar solution tailored to the specific needs of Santander.

Specific requirements included:

  • Custom Job Board providing careers information, vacancy search and select, and an online application process.
  • Online application process comprising multiple, role-based requirements screeners and full application-form.
  • Capture of data from a series of role-based telephone interviews, automated scoring of these interviews based on pre-defined business rules, and automation of subsequent progress decisions and workflow.
  • Appropriate tools for back-office users to manage vacancies, review and process associated applications, and generate reports to support management decisions.


The solution provided by Logical Innovations was a bespoke version of its proprietary TalentTracker system. The main elements of this solution were a SQL Server database, a publicly available Job Board via which prospective candidates could search current vacancies and complete an online application, and a secure Applicant Tracking System for use by Hays to manage all aspects of the recruitment process.

Key features of the solution:

  • Multi-stage online application process including role-specific screening questionnaires and comprehensive structured application form with real-time data validation.
  • A series of scripted forms for internal use by Hays to capture data from telephone interviews, validate data in real-time, automatically score interview and make progress decision based on pre-defined business rules, and automate subsequent workflow e.g. to progress candidate to next relevant stage of application process and generate any associated emails.
  • Integrated workflow model including automation of emails based on defined trigger events.
  • Full application tracking providing authorised back-office users with visibility of all applications received and user facilities to record progress decisions.
  • Integrated analytics and reporting to generate various management reports and Key Performance Indicators.
  • User-level application security model providing fine grained access control, e.g. to restrict the data that each user can view, the tasks that can be undertaken, and the organisational units that a user can manage (e.g. one or more specific branches or departments).
  • Inbuilt audit trail providing tractability and accountability.


The solution was successfully used by Hays over a period of six years to administer an outsourced recruitment project on behalf of Santander. Processing up to 15,000 applications per month to fill a large number of vacancies covering more than 700 different roles for 900 UK branches and locations, the solution allowed Hays to quickly screen-out unsuitable applications and focus resources on selecting the best candidates for each role using automated and semi-automated methods where possible. Administrative effort was significantly reduced by automating background processes, for example to generate and send personalised emails to candidates at relevant stages of the process. Further benefits were achieved by integrating the structured telephone interview into the heart of the solution. Previously the data gathered from telephone interviews would be recorded on paper, the interview manually scored, and summary results recorded in a number of spreadsheets. By integrating the telephone interview directly into the Applicant Tracking System it was possible to build in data validation, reduce opportunity for user error, automate scoring and guarantee accuracy, make objective and impartial decisions based on pre-defined business rules, eliminate double-entry of data, and provide a full and reliable audit trail of all activity and decisions.

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