Screwfix Case Study

Screwfix partners with Logical Innovations to meet recruitment needs for UK expansion

Business Context

Screwfix is the UK's largest supplier of tools, accessories, hardware products and building materials to trade. They deliver millions of products every year to tradesmen, building professionals and DIY enthusiasts throughout the UK. Originally conceived as a mail order and online business, Screwfix embarked on a business expansion in 2006 that involved the establishment of a nationwide branch network and they now have over 200 UK branches. In order to support this expansion, Screwfix needed to recruit a significant number of new staff for a variety of roles and required an online recruitment solution to help them meet this critical business need.

Screwfix required a solution that would allow them to effectively manage a high volume of applications whilst ensuring that the business recruited experienced and passionate staff with the highest level of customer service.

The main business requirements were to:

  • Effectively manage and process a high volume of applications.
  • Automate the initial screening of candidates against specific requirements of each role.
  • Provide HR personnel with the relevant tools to manage all stages of the recruitment process.
  • Allow HR personnel to quickly identify the most suitable candidates, fast-track associated applications, communicate quickly with candidates, and ultimately reduce time-to-hire.
  • Minimise overall cost of recruitment activities.
  • Deliver a scalable solution that could meet current and future business needs.
  • Improve and reinforce brand presence by way of a custom job board integrated within the Screwfix corporate website.


The solution provided by Logical Innovations was a bespoke version of its proprietary TalentTracker system comprising a SQL Server database, a fully branded Job Board through which prospective candidates could search and apply for advertised jobs, and a full-featured Applicant Tracking System for use by HR personnel to track and process applications and to administer the overall recruitment process.

Key features of the solution:

  • Multi-stage online application process including role-specific screening questionnaires, integrated psychometric test, and comprehensive structured application form with real-time data validation.
  • Real time matching of candidates to a number of available job roles using the results of the psychometric test and other data collected as part of the online application.
  • Integrated workflow model including automation of correspondence (email and letter form) based on defined trigger events.
  • A number of structured processes allowing authorised back-office users to undertake specific tasks and to administer various aspects of the overall recruitment process, e.g. to manage telephone interviews and record associated decisions.
  • Full application tracking providing authorised back-office users with visibility of all applications received and user facilities to record progress decisions.
  • Integrated analytics and reporting to generate various management reports and Key Performance Indicators.
  • User-level application security model providing fine grained access control, e.g. to restrict the data that each user can view, the tasks that can be undertaken, and the organisational units that a user can manage (e.g. one or more specific stores or departments).
  • Inbuilt audit trail providing tractability and accountability.
  • Seamless experience for candidates with full Screwfix branding throughout.


The solution resulted in a 50% reduction in the "per candidate" application costs, a reduction in the average time-to-hire of 7 days (i.e. HR personnel able to make offers 7 days quicker than previously), a higher number of both applications and pre-screened (suitable) candidates, and a 20% saving in administrative time. Screwfix also reported an improved level of service to candidates with a reduced number of reported issues and an increase in positive feedback.

Emma Bateman, Talent Manager at Screwfix said "Going through our recent period of expansion, I don't think we could have recruited successfully without TalentTracker, it's been absolutely critical to our success. The system is simple and easy to use both for our candidates and my recruiters, and helps us to manage high volumes of applications efficiently. Taking our recruitment online has been, and continues to be, a key enabler of improving our branding and improving the suitability and screening of candidates, and a key driver in the reduction of time to recruit and on-going costs."

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