At Logical Innovations we've been providing advice and technical expertise since 1996 to some of the UK's major companies as well as to a number of smaller local businesses.

We've come across some technical challenges in our time and have helped the companies we've partnered with to find appropriate solutions to these challenges. We have of course honed our skills and expertise along the way and we like to think that we have something to offer in terms of adding value to a wide range of technical projects. Whether you're planning to implement a new technology, develop a custom software solution, or simply need some impartial advice and guidance relating to a specific technical problem; these are challenges that we at Logical Innovations have faced before and we night be able to help.

We take a hands-on approach to consultancy work and we strive to provide advice that is both directed and practical. We don't indulge in the high-level rhetoric you may have come to expect from your experiences working with other consultants. We focus on the problem in hand and aim to help you identify and implement the most practical and cost-effective solutions.

Our consultancy service is ideal for customers who require short-term assistance to troubleshoot a specific technical problem, or perhaps those who need some expertise to support their in-house technical team to deliver a given project. Either way, we take a flexible approach and will work with you to frame a support package that is inline with your needs and budgetary constraints.

Please contact us on 0845 259 1099 or email if you would like to discuss a particular project or business requirement. We'd love to help.