Web Applications

At Logical Innovations we specialise in the design and development of data-driven, web-based applications. That's what we do best and we can help if you're looking to develop a new web application or enhance the functionality to an existing website.

We have a proven track record of developing full-featured, customer-centred websites. The types of solutions we've developed include:

That's not an exhaustive list of course, and the changes are if you are looking to develop a solution to a data-driven problem then we would be able to help. And it's not just customer-facing web applications, we also develop secure Intranet and Extranet solutions, allowing you to interact and collaborate effectively with your employees, suppliers, or other business partners.

Our tried and tested approach puts the customer at the heart of every solution. We take the customer's Requirements Specification (or help you to develop this based on your business needs and solution requirements) and work with you through the various stages of the project from developing the functional specification, through detailed design, prototyping, development, test, delivery and post-delivery support. And we're happy to provide any additional support that might be needed, e.g. to deliver end-user training as part of the rollout process.

The specific stages of each project will depend on the needs of the customer. Those who don't have any in-house technical skills we typically deliver a turn-key solution encompassing all stages from requirements capture and analysis through to ultimate delivery of the final solution. Customers who already have some of the necessary skills in-house may wish to retain some aspects of the project in order to make best use of existing resources and knowledge, and to contract only some parts of the overall project. We're comfortable with either approach.

Our involvement in a typical project would include one or more of the following stages:

And we're not just a software development company. We understand the many subtle factors that are essential to good web design and adopt a "standards-based" approach to ensure that the solutions we develop are compliant with current usability and accessibility guidelines and that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is undertaken as appropriate.

Please contact us on 0845 259 1099 or email enquiries@logicalinnovations.co.uk if you would like to discuss a particular project or business requirement.